Sunday, February 24, 2008

It's a Diggnation out there

This little piece of website has became a weekly habit for me. Just over a few months ago, out of boredom, I surfed to a site that was totally lost on me for a long time. That site was What is diggnation? From wikipedia, Diggnation is a weekly podcast hosted by Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht. Its main purpose is to discuss the top stories from Digg, the social bookmarking website developed by Rose and others.

As an avid Digg user, by the way my name is kozo in, it took me a long time to realize the massive success of Digg and Diggnation. I am first and foremost a /. avid reader - to the non-techies it's Slashdot, also a popular new website. It took me awhile to like Digg because I thought it was a clear rip-off of Slashdot, well after a year since it was launched I finally joined the Digg revolution and never looked back.

So back to Diggnation, my friend who is a fan of Diggnation started talking about how cool each episode was - and he isn't even a fan of Digg- curious I quickly browse to the site and lo and behold it is indeed very entertaining you will never be disappointed. Each episode just keeps on getting better, of course it is much better if both of them are semi-drunk.

And by the way, if anyone out there who wants to give me a Diggnation shirt, I will be forever indebted to you.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

A few nifty tricks for Windows and Office users

This has been passed on to me, so I have no idea if this is old stuff but here it goes.

Truth 1: One cannot save a 'CON' folder in Windows - sans the apostrophe. Well I tried this one and really why can't I save a folder named con? What if I'm an ex-con and I want to remember all my buddies inside the jail, and I want them all to have a special place in my Windows OS? Ohh I get it, Con stands for convict and we do know that con-victs shouldn't be near a computer. So Microsoft may have decided to save their OS a few lines.

Truth 2:
open notepad
type "bush hid the facts" without quotation marks
don't press "enter" save the file
close notepad
open the file again

And byah! You'll going to see scribbled writings, as if bush really 'hid' the facts. And what are those facts? That bush hid the fact in notepad.

Truth 3: One MS Word, type in rand(1,1), press enter. That magical phrase will soon appear.

If you have any nice tricks for Windows, then share away.