Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Kill yourself. Save the world.

There was an article about a week ago that stated that planet Earth is not big enough for 6,500,000,000 people. The premise of the article was that there are 3 factors that contributes to the state of equilibrium of our planet, and if one of these state is breached then we will face catastrophic consequences. Apparently, it is the devastating human activity that leads to the deterioration of our planet.

What happened?

With the rise of human population during the last century there was also an increase in the exploitation and production of natural resources. In order to supply the world with enough basic needs (water and food) we have to rely on faster transaction of energy powers. Gone are the days that humans use organic resources to fuel the fire, now humans rely on fossil fuels to drive the economy, of which it sits on a limited supply.

As human population rises the birth rate of humans also increases. However the problem is that mortality rate of humans is decreasing. The advancement in medicine and technology have became - for some - a bane to human population control.

"Overpopulation? What's that?"


Is this really the reason why we have so many people in our planet? I always thought and believe - I am not an expert on this topic - that people generally tend to conclude that the population is booming because all the cities in the world are crowded. In my opinion, with respect to the size of the Earth, our population is not abnormal but rather it is just the opposite, however instability will arise when movement of people towards urban areas is not taken care of.

The more people concentrate their lives on urban areas the more susceptible we are in exploiting nature and thus gravitate towards self-destruction. It is not because rural areas tend to have low economy but because governments promote urbanism. If we can stay 50-50, half of the populace will live in rural areas and the remaining in urban areas I think population growth will balance itself.

A little quote on over-population from someone - "please kill yourself to give room for us all".

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