Monday, October 29, 2007

Java ME no more?

There has been reports going on lately that Sun Microsystem will phase out it's touted Java ME (Micro Edition) in favor of a more robust offering in Java SE (Standard Edition). According to James Gosling, often called the father of Java, this is not absolutely true as Java ME is continually evolving. Also he added that as mobile devices are becoming more powerful sooner or later Java ME and Java SE will converge.

What is Java ME and Java SE?

Java ME is a collection of Java APIs for the development of software for small, resource-constrained devices such as cell phones and PDAs. [wikipedia] Java SE on the other hand is the Java platform used to deploy portable applications for general use. [wikipedia]

Brighter Sun

I really those two codebase merge. I haven't done any programming (yet) in Java ME because it is a different beast compared to the standard Java platform. And it will be a welcome addition to code mobile and desktop applications under one set of APIs. Maybe one day we could finally realise the true meaning of 'write once run anywhere' mantra, not just for different systems but for different devices as well. And with the open sourcing of Java, things are going to get bright and exciting for Java developers.

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