Saturday, March 22, 2008

Get Paid to Blog

Every blogger dreams of having an extra earning with their passion – blogging that is. Sometimes we try to add Google ads or we let other companies buy advertisement space on our own blogs. But what if there is a service that you get paid for blogging? Several weeks ago I discovered a site named that will let you get paid to blog. Yes, it’s that simple. is a blog for money site that lets you earn while blogging. The first rule is to have a Paypal account, for Philippine netizen, don’t worry, Paypal is now being offered here. Then go to and create an account. From there you are given tasks that you need to accomplish for you to earn. Just create advertising links from within your blog site and voila instant additional earnings! Blog advertising has never been this easy. So if blogging is your passion and having an additional income is not an issue, then go ahead and visit and maybe just maybe a few extra dollars will come your way.


Maria "Ria" Jose said...

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