Monday, May 28, 2007

Of Rails and other Programming Languages

Recently I chatted with a colleague of mine from work. Here is the excerpt of our conversation.

  • Stefan: Have you seen this?
  • Jan2x: Nope! Wait… It has nothing on it?
  • Stefan: Well… I planned to use that site where my friends will post their pictures. And I will use Ruby on Rails for it.
  • Jan2x: Really now? But do you know how to code in Rails? You’re a Perl guy!
  • Stefan: I have books here and Rails is cool!

After a few days

  • Jan2x: Hey did you know that Rails was created by a Danish? (Well Stefan is a Danish)
  • Stefan: I know! So are C++ and C#.

Well I look it up at and low and behold, Denmark produces some of the greatest software developers on Earth. And I was wondering, what are the other nationalities that created or spear-headed some of the most influential programming languages. And with the help of wikipedia again I found out that…

  • PHP – created by another Danish
  • Ruby – created by a Japanese
  • C, Java, Perl and BASIC – created by the Americans
  • Python – created by a Dutch

Absent from this list are the Chinese and the Indians? Do you know any programming languages or frameworks created by these two IT powerhouses? And where are the Filipinos? I’m hoping that a Filipino could really make something revolutionary and could make an impact in the computer science world, now that we are already recognized as a software outsourcing destination. If that day will come well count me in!


anyabelle said...

the excuse i can think of to answer your question is:

all the countries who made these powerhouse softwares are 1st worlds who got more time on their hands. if it's a corporation, they've got enough money to risk to pay coders their envisioned software.

we, 3rd worlds, on the other hand, live hand-to-mouth.

my P0.02

jan2x@localhost said...

Thanks for visiting.

You have a good point, but it's also the case of being passionate about your job. Have you seen those Europeans work? Damn, it feels like they are one with their computers and ONLY stands up if they will go to the comfort room or they will eat their lunch.

anyabelle said...

i can also blame our hot weather... hehehe.

pero kaya yan ui. i do hope we can get there someday :)

jan2x@localhost said...

Yeah! you're absolute right. Europeans do get most of their stuff done during winter time. What else would you do?