Sunday, May 27, 2007

Ubuntu on Dell: will you buy one?

I think hell just freezes over, who would have thought of all PC makers out there it will be Dell that will pre-install Ubuntu Linux on some of its products, I was clearly surprised. After the dust has settled the real question is, will you buy one? Let's be realistic for awhile, Dell caters mostly to the American market, but if given a chance will Filipino flock computer shops in search for Dellbuntu? My answer, no.

Although there have been an increase in buying branded pcs in the last years, Filipinos still tend to buy those el-cheapo pcs - e.g. custom-made and brandless - why? because it cost cheaper, a lot cheaper, and how about support? they don't need it, a call from one of their friends and voila their computers are as good as new. If we can't even buy Chinese PC brands, how much more the Dell brand. And to make matters worst, piracy is so rampant here in the Philippines that no average Filipino will never ever try Linux. Don't get me wrong, I have tried different Linux flavors, but when you have Microsoft Windows for PHP 100 (roughly $2) it is a very tough battle. Hopefully those local Linux user groups will advocate more on Linux usage, especially Ubuntu which is geared towards the average juan.

Sidenote: If you have been using Linux, kindly share your experience with it. Thanks.

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