Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Anti-Social Blog

Disclaimer: This is just a rant blog.

Blogging is now a global phenomenon. Everyone who is connected to the internet today blogs one way or another. With the advent of Google Ads and other online advertisements brought forth new way for bloggers to earn online. But there are really some bad bloggers around the blogosphere. In order to drive traffic, they create very sensational blogs and some other times they steal content from other websites. How do they do that? Take for example you have a website that featured the TOP 10 POLITICAL NEWS OF 2006, say you have conducted all the studies to draw to that conclusion, say you post it online hoping readers will view your site and hoping also that those readers will click on an ad posted in your site, a simple formula isn't it? Now imagine some blogger whose blog has many devoted readers. Imagine this guy who just keeps on copying and pasting your content to HIS blog. Still imagining? Well stop. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that that blogger is earning money for your hard-earned content.

There are many bloggers who are like that. They steal a content and just put a very small subtle link at the bottom of the page that whispers "click here to view the original article". I can create a blog that provides that kind of service, but I wont. I value my credentials even more than a few dollars of ad revenue. And I value those persons/companies that really did the survey/studies/stories. That is why my blog is not merely a news blog but a review blog as well.

That is why those copy blogs are anti-socials, they defy the norm of blogging, they have become the parasites of the internet, feeding on those stories they can't produce. Such a shame really.

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