Friday, June 22, 2007

A Baby named Vista

Microsoft is not known for its fanboys but this is the most over-the-top fanboyism I have known. Bill Simser is a Solutions Architect and has named her daughter Vista Avalon Simser. Vista as we all know is the newest Microsoft Windows operating system and Avalon, well for the geeks is the former codename of Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation (or WPF) - the graphical subsystem feature of the new .NET framework. And not only that he named his other child, a son, Dev Orion Simser (or DOS). Well I kinda like his son's name, sounds really cool, but with that initial, hmm I'll past.

Take a look at here for the Flickr photoset of Vista. And not only that, Vista is wearing an iPod shirt! *gasp* That goes to show you how popular the iPod is - compared to Zune - even to the Microsoft fanboys. Well that makes it the first Vista inside an iPod. Corny jokes aside, seriously? Why the Vista name? Maybe I should name my future child as applinuxsoft.

Vista Avalon

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