Friday, June 15, 2007

The Vista Charm

Yesterday I chatted with my girlfriend and she showed me a screenshot of her cousin's desktop that features Microsoft's new operating system, Windows Vista. Here is the excerpt of our conversation.

  • Chi: I wanna share a photo with your (using YM here).
  • Jan2x: Cool, what is that all about?
  • Chi: It's kuya ryan's new desktop, I love it! I wanna have Windows Vista!
  • Jan2x: Really? I thought you like Mac? Here go to and take a look at their new OS.
  • Chi: Wow! I also love Leopard, but I couldn't afford it, I can only afford Vista.
Well done Microsoft! This is not the first time I heard someone liking Windows Vista by its look alone, there are other of people who also wanted to have Vista and these people are the techie types. Aesthetically, Windows Vista is not the doom and gloom that many people wanted to portray, it actually looks good. From the new and improved Start button, to the Gadgets and to the glossy effects of Windows, people are liking it.

I have never tried full-time Windows Vista (my laptop only has the Windows XP MCE) but judging by the satisfaction of my housemate who uses Vista exclusively in his laptop - although there are minor driver issues - he feels that it is a better than Windows XP.

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