Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sexy Girl + Gadget = Profit?

Who would have thought that this will be the killer combination to get geeks and non-geeks alike to buy a magazine. Just look at T3 magazines lately! All their covers feature sexy and pretty girls holding/promoting a gadget or two. So far, I do believe their magazine is selling well, judging by the loyalty of my housemate to purchase one of those every month.

Well, it's not bad that they illustrate these gorgeous girls as gadget lovers, sure there maybe some of them who really use these kind of stuffs but for the rest of them, hmmm, do they really tinker some of those gadgets? I'm hoping though that in the future they will feature a really technophile geek girl. There are a lot of those girls out there, just visit Macenstein to view their "real" Mac chicks. They should also feature a one-on-one interview (if they haven't done this) about how the technology affects them and if they really use those gadgets which they are flashing in the cover.

Would that idea sell well? I don't really know. Think about this, would you buy a magazine that features a geeky girl holding up an iPhone and telling the world how she loves it or would you rather see this in the front cover (see below)? Your answer is as good as mine.

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