Friday, August 24, 2007

Job Hunting?

Juan was currently not on the look out for another job but fortunately a woman from a local recruitment agency phoned him.

Juan: Hello?
Woman: Hi Juan, are you busy right now?
Juan: Nope not at all.
Woman: Great! I'm going to ask you if you are interested in applying for another company.
Juan: Right now not really. But who knows right? I'm open to all possibilities.
Woman: Nice to hear that. We have a client that wants to hire a .NET programmer and we perused your resume and we think you are the ideal candidate.
Juan: Thanks. Mind if I ask the name of the company.
Woman: Sorry, as of the moment I'm not allowed to disclose it. But anyway if you are free on Sunday afternoon I would like to invite you for an interview.
Juan: (Sunday? But why?) Ok. But may I ask if how much is the expected salary of this position.
Woman: No problem. Well how much are you earning right now?
Juan: Around PHP *0,000.00
Woman: Really? Is that your expected salary or your current?
Juan: Current salary.
Woman: Wait I'm going to talk to my boss. *after a minute or two*
Woman: Juan? Well you can just stay in the company. Don't look for another job.
Juan: (silent laughter)

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