Tuesday, August 7, 2007

What is IANAL?

You have probably seen this acronym across technology-related websites or blogs, and turned-off by it. Who wouldn't? It denotes a bad meaning. But don't worry, pinoytechie is here to explain the real meaning of IANAL.

IANAL is an acronym which stands for "I Am Not A Lawyer". The use of this abbreviation serves as a warning for the reader not to take the opinion as professional legal advice. [wikipedia] The expression became more and more common on online web forums starting from the year 2000, when debate about file sharing and peer-to-peer applications started to focus on copyright, privacy, and fair use issues. [wikipedia]


An example commentary on peer-to-peer applications.

Reader1: If ever I will upload a file on, will I get sued?
Reader2: IANAL, but if the file is a copyrighted one, I think you will get sued.

Reader1 should not take seriously the words coming from Reader2, because as Reader2 clarified, he is in no position to say legal things rather he is just stating his own personal opinion.

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