Friday, August 3, 2007


John, just like any other newly grads, wanted to look for a descent job. He trimmed down his choices to two. One would be a call center agent, the other would be a faculty member. He decided to try his luck on teaching, thus he created his first ever resume and applied for the job. The school he was trying to apply at was one of the most recognizable IT schools in the country and being a product of a prestigious school he was confident that he can land the job.

Days gone by and still no call from the school. One afternoon, an HR person called and informed John to prepare for an interview at the same time for the teaching demo. He asked what topic would that be, the other person on the line just said that he can choose any topic he wants as long as he is confident about it. John knew by heart Visual Basic 6, he even knew how to code it with his hands tied-up and blindfolded. And so he prepared his visual aids and practiced for hours his prepared speeches.

The day came for the teaching demo, the attendants were the Dean for the computer science department of that school as well as the top administrator. John finished off his teaching demo with a breeze, no questions whatsoever from the audience. Then the powertripping came. First, the dean told him it says here in your resume that you are good in assembly language. John said, i am knowledgeable in that field sir, so yes i have confidence i know how to write one. The dean asked then to show him a basic assembly program, John obliged but in the middle of it all the dean wasn't so sure of himself if he understands assembly or not. Then again he quickly asked another question, your thesis centered around networking, tell me what is the difference between wan and lan, to which John answered, it differs in their geographical location sir. The dean was infuriated! I studied Cisco he said. That is one of the most idiotic teachings in computer science he added, now standing up. He took the chalk and began writing on the blackboard. LAN is when this ATM machine is not connected to the internet, if it does it is now WAN.

WOW. John said. That was the most superb answer he has ever heard.

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