Thursday, August 2, 2007

Why IT (sometimes) sucks in an IT firm

I had a discussion with a friend - he currently works in a software firm - two nights ago about his current dilemma with their IT team. By the way, let's call my friend "anonymous".

Anonymous: I hate our IT.

Jan2x: Why?

Anonymous: He keeps on blocking every damn website.

Jan2x: Like what?

Anonymous: For example blogspot! My God! I asked him, what's wrong with blogspot? Does it harm our computers? And he just told me that it is management's directive.

Jan2x: Well man, it really sucks to be on a software firm with IT team like that.

Anonymous: That is not only the problem. One time, we had a manager that visited our office and his laptop has yet to be approved before our IT team can give him any access to the internet. All those papers for approval and he needs to check his email NOW.

Jan2x: That is the pitfall, I think, of that idea. Sooner or later you will be behind the technology. For example what if tomorrow Microsoft decides to release a new product for the internet? Then your programmers will greatly suffer cause in the long run they will have no idea of knowing what are these new technologies!


Jan2x: Well it's hard to be treated as government employees. *laughter*

That is one of the reasons IT (sometimes) sucks. It is good to be paranoid and secure but at what price?


Annie said...

Jan, may pinapatamaan ka ba? Hehehe. Joke. :D

jan2x said...

Hahaha. Thanks for reading. Well this is only part 1 of a series of suckiness.

annie said...

sige basahin ko yung second part hehehe...